Far Flung Thoughts, written and recorded in February 2019, is a series of instrumental progressive rock jams, with splashes of ambient textures, jazz and blues.

• Written and recorded in February 2012, Twenty Eight Turns features rock, pop, a little jazz, and even a beer-bottle solo.

• Andy Hunt solo, live in concert, just piano and vocals. Raw and Unvarnished. Recorded November, 2010 in front of a live audience.

• The EP and a couple of singles from Andy Hunt’s Cold Summer Nights is now available. Cold Summer Nights is an album-length story of young lust, unrequited love, youthful insecurity, indecisiveness, and other popular cliches. It’s best listened to in a "relaxed," even "altered," state of mind. Turn it up. Settle in. Enjoy.

Dreamy, moody, mellow, spacey. Music for private detectives.

Nicely atmospheric. I can see dark, rain-soaked streets.

Cool idea with the numbers—love the subtle images of ones and twos.

Makes me smile and wince (that’s a good thing)

Love the horns

A deep jam delivered on a warm melody. This is a keeper.